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Retirement Planning Tips

With the largest segment of our population facing retirement, this book provides insight on how to right the wrongs of the various financial celebrities you have listened to over the years. 

You will quickly learn that market returns are not investor returns and that the retirement projection your financial advisor prepared is probably not worth the paper it was written on.



Recordkeeping Guidelines

It's a New Year. Heck, it's a New Decade! What are your New Year's Resolutions? Maybe to drop a few pounds or save more money? What about starting with getting financial organized?! That's right we are going back to basics starting in January with organizing all of our important documents. There is a video series that goes along with the guidelines. If you would like to receive them, type "Recordkeeping" in the subject of an email and send to info@JondaKnows.com


12 Recordkeeping Guidelines.

2020 Seminar Calendar

We are so excited about 2020 that we have our seminars planned for the entire year! CLICK HERE to see the calendar.


Seating is limited. If you are interested in attending call Amber at 304.840.0001 for the location and to make a reservation.

Let's Talk

3 Reasons Why People Talk To Me

A Google search for financial advice turns up 591 million results. With information just a click away, you might be wondering why people have been talking to me about their money for 31 years. Here are three reasons.

First, I help them focus on what’s important. Financial questions can get very complicated. I cut through the...

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