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JondaKnows is a boutique financial services firm located in Huntington, WV who is on a mission to change the face of retirement in America. With two-thirds of workers at companies that don't offer a retirement plan, is it any wonder that 1 in 3 Americans have ZERO saved for retirement and that 69% have less than $1,000 saved? If you are 45 years old and plan to retire at age 65, you have 1040 paychecks standing between you and 20-30 years of unemployment, otherwise known as retirement. Pensions are a thing of the past and although I believe Social Security is here to stay, I also believe it will look different going forward. How will you provide for you and your family?


At JondaKnows, we take a different approach to saving for retirement. Our plans have no contribution limits, no income limits, no participation requirements, no restrictions on when you can access your money and no market risk. These plans also provide benefits should you become sick, disabled or terminally ill. 


Retirement. It's what we do. Call 304.840.0001 and start saving for a REAL retirement today!

Retirement Income

Would you rather have a bucket of money or a stream of income for the rest of your life? Most of us would choose the latter yet today's financial advisors focus on asset accumulation.


At JondaKnows, we focus on distribution. You have worked all your life. Your retirement should not be spent worrying about whether or not you will run out of money. 

Living Benefits

For many years insurance was purchased to provide death benefit protection for surviving family members. 


JondaKnows now offers the opportunity for you to access part of your life insurance death benefit in the event you suffer a qualifying illness. Use these funds to pay medical bills, living expenses or travel the world before you pass. It's your money!

Your Legacy

Susan V. Bosak says legacy is an interconnection across time, with a need for those who have come before us and a responsibility to those who come after us. 

You may think you can't afford to leave a legacy or that it's too late to start. Good news! Life Insurance allows you to create a legacy for cents on the dollar. Life insurance is a gift that keeps on giving.

Asset Protection

We often think of stock market risk when we think of losing our assets which is a concern we mitigate at JondaKnows. Equally important is the risk of losing your assets to creditors.

If you were to injure someone in an accident who then sued you and was awarded damages, your assets could potentially be attached to their claim. Our customized plans can protect you from stock market risk and creditor claims.

Lower Fees

Account fees and expenses are finally getting a closer look. For years, investors have been giving up in some cases more than 50% of 

their return to fees. Some of you have even lost money as your performance was flat which left your fees to invade your principal.

At JondaKnows, we take great pride in driving down your costs. Why? Because when you pay less, you keep more which makes a happy client who is more likely to refer our services.

Tax Efficiency

You work hard for your money. It's important that your money work hard for you, not Uncle Sam. Tax-deferral is not your friend. 

Due to taxes and inflation, to maintain your lifestyle you will have to make more, not less, during retirement than you did working. That means higher, not lower, taxes.

JondaKnows can show you how to stop supporting Uncle Sam and start building a tax-free retirement today.