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Retirement Income Specialist
Jonda Lowe
Author & Retirement Income Specialist


With the largest segment of our population facing retirement, I authored "What Suze Orman Isn't Telling You" to provide insight on how to right the wrongs of the various financial celebrities you have listened to over the years. You quickly learn that market returns are not investor returns and that the retirement projection your financial advisor prepared is probably not worth the paper it was written on. "What Suze Orman Isn't Telling You" addresses the myth of tax-deferral as well as other financial misconceptions in an effort to open the mind of the investor to an alternative that when properly designed and implemented has the power to eliminate market risk, reduce fees, minimize income tax and protect assets. It is my passion to fix the toxic mess financial celebrities have made of my industry and create a REAL retirement for you and your family.

Amber Sullivan
Executive Assistant

Amber, joined our team in the summer of 2013 as an office assistant. Showing both dedication and a determination to learn, Amber has quickly become a valuable asset to the company. With a background in customer service little transition was needed to feel at home within our company. When not on the clock, Amber enjoys time at home with her husband Eric and their daughters Addie and Caidence, their two german shepherds or a good book.

Eric Sullivan
Chief Creative Officer

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